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Questa settimana, l’ultima del mese, segnerà probabilmente qualche piccolo (e bellissimo!) cambiamento sul nostro blog. Lo annunciamo ospitando un’intervista speciale: abbiamo infatti posto qualche domanda a Cheryl D. Miller direttore esecutivo del Digital Leadership Institute International, per restare informati sulle attività che la sua organizzazione propone e saperne di più sull’evento del 30 Aprile prossimo.
Ecco cosa ci ha risposto!

Hi Cheryl, could you please introduce yourself and tell us what DLI International is?
I am the founder and Executive Director of the Digital Leadership Institute International, a Brussels-based NGO with a global mission of bridging the gender gap and digital divide by educating and empowering digital leaders of today and tomorrow. Specific initiatives of the Digital Leadership Institute include the,,,, Girls Code Europe and DLI is a founding member of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Platform and UNESCO Global Alliance on Gender and Media, an active contributor to the UN ITU Broadband Commission Working Group on Gender, and long-time Belgian Chair of the European Centre for Women and Technology.
The objective of DLI is to increase participation of girls and women — as creators, entrepreneurs and leaders — in strategic, innovative sectors of the economy, which we largely accomplish by focusing on promoting ESTEAM* skills to girls and women (*STEM plus Entrepreneurship and Arts). We engage in four pillars of activity including: Advocacy and awareness-building; education and skills development; innovation and entrepreneurship; and, research and consulting.

What’s the program of 30 April events?
On 30 April, we will welcome 250 girls, ages 11 to 15, from across Brussels to the first-ever Digital Muse Girl Tech Fest. At this event, the girls will spend a day in inspiring plenary sessions and hands-on workshops at the intersection of digital and creative endeavour led by (mainly female) role models. The purpose of the Girl Tech Fest is to stimulate the participants toward studies and careers in ESTEAM and to build a community of girls in Brussels, and beyond, who are active in these areas.

What do you think about the engagement of girls with tech and about the current situation of girls access in ESTEAM?
I am very concerned about the severe underrepresentation of girls and women in leadership in ESTEAM areas which have such a big impact on our species, planet and fellow creatures. I also feel that having ESTEAM skills for girls themselves gives them greater career opportunities and greater economic independence in their lives. In this way, it makes them more empowered and confident — something we definitely need more of.

We are curious to know something more about Digital Muse One music compilation: can you explain it for us?
We have invited a list of top women electronic musicians from the past and present to contribute to a compilation of musical recordings, proceeds from which will go toward the mission of the Digital Leadership Institute. We aim to launch the first Digital Muse One (DM1) compilation on the day of the Girl Tech Fest and to welcome some of the amazing artists who are on the compilation to speak, teach and perform at the 30 April Girl Tech Fest, and at a release party the night of 30 April.

How can we help you and your team in your initiatives?
We welcome involvement of partners for the Digital Muse Girl Tech Fest who are interested in contributing in the following, or other, ways

      • Role Models: Suggesting plenary speakers, Digital Muse Lab partners and/or workshops leaders who are role models that inspire girls into ESTEAM areas;
      • Digital Muse Lab: Carrying out activities in our Digital Muse Lab which involves showcasing new technology, gadgets, research or other fun hands-on activities for participants to try out;
      • Workshop Leaders: Running a 45-minute, hands-on workshop (English, Dutch or French) on inspiring digital and/or creative subjects for groups of 6-12 girls during the course of the day;
      • Volunteers: Contributing to the logistical or other aspects of the day where specific needs include translation, logistical support for participants (registration, etc.), hands-on support for managing the plenary session, DM Lab activities, etc.
      • Sponsorship and In-kind Contributions: We seek financial and in-kind support to cover event outlays (including venue rental, breakfast, lunch and snacks, event jerseys, GTF awards/prizes, etc.), in order to permit attendance by girls from as diverse backgrounds as possible, including from the under-served communities in Brussels.
      • Other: Any other way you would like to help is welcome!

We also wish to help our partners organize future Digital Muse Girl Tech Fests and activities in other cities in Europe and around the world. For this, we welcome onsite collaboration at the Brussels GTF by partners who would like to carry out a Girl Tech Fest and/or the broader work of the Digital Leadership Institute, in their own city too.

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