V SdR Summer School: let’s explore it together

Esplorazione robotica in corso!
Doing robotic exploration!

The return of the  Summer School of School of Robotics for boys and girls, girls and boys ages 6 to 14 years old! At the Village Boy of San Salvatore di Cogorno Genova from  14th to 16th July 2015  we will wear the clothes of explorers and discover hidden worlds with the invaluable help of robotics.

The activities of the Summer Camp will be based on the use and programming of robotic kits and will be differentiated according to the age of the participants. The workshops will revolve around the theme “exploration”. Participants will learn to use Bee Bot, Lego WeDo, Lego NXT EV3, Makey Makey, Little Bits, soft circuits, air-land-water robots, robot creative and the byor-Arduino. There will also be games and competitions not necessarily robotic. During which it will give space to observation and creativity.

It will also talk about space exploration and underwater. App The Island, the App that School of Robotics is developing for the Marine Protected Area of ​​Bergeggi. Robots on Mars is multimedia game with robots that simulate the behavior of a Mars ROVER.

Times the class will take place

July 14th 10:30 -17: 00

July 15th 9:30 -17: 00

July 16th 9:30 -17: 00

And finally, we invite you to take a look both at our site  and Eventbrite platform, from which you can also make direct enrollment.

See you soon!


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